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Professional Forex Traders

We help people become profitable

FX Copy provide professional forex signals to individuals and investors worldwide. Our signals are delivered directly to our clients’ trading accounts through automated trade copier software.

With this technology professional traders can effectively trade your account for you. You benefit from a professional forex trader watching the market 24hrs per day identifying ways to trade profitably and sending these trades directly to your account.

Signals are copied from our own real money trading account. We trade forex to make money, not to sell signals. We decided to go for it since our interests are aligned with our clients' and the extra work is minimal.

Our Development Team

John Brown Developer

MQL programmer and forex strategist.

Sally StewartDeveloper

MQL programmer and forex strategist.

Chris Reinhart Programmer

MQL Programmer.

Sara Stein Support

Tech nerd and all-round helper.

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