Automated trading comes in a variety of different flavours – Expert Advisors (EAs), Signals posted on social media and elsewhere which you need to manually execute on your trading account, and Trade Copying.

Either way, trading with automated strategies has numerous advantages.

Lets count down the top 10.

1. Traders can capitalize on opportunities 24 hours a day: when using automated trading this lets traders capitalize on more setups and relieves them from continuously monitoring trading screens. Traders can remain calm while the automated system constantly scans the market for opportunities.

2. Most institutional and professional traders utilize automated trading systems. This should be reason enough alone to be using automatic trading. If that were not enough, your broker is likely to be one of the professional institutions using sophisticated software. And we (as retail traders) ARE trading against our broker, and they are trading against us. So we should even the playing field, right?

3. Sophisticated scripts can handle advanced risk management options. Never mind the emotional imbalance which humans can introduce; can humans even process that much information quickly enough?

4. Traders get good nights sleep! Automated systems scour the markets for potential trades and monitor open positions 24/5. No human intervention is required at all, freeing traders to enjoy life.

5. Profitable systems can be shared, developed and improved. Strategies are optimized for optimal performance and results. And the more people using a winning strategy, the more powerful and effective it becomes.

6. Beginners to the forex market can simply find an automated trading system online and start trading. As no advanced knowledge is required, the market has opened up to new investors. There is no ‘down time’ without the learning process - Beginners can start earning on the very first day they adopt automated trading!

7. Automated strategies can include a huge number of different conditions, calculations and pretty much anything you can put into code which is carried out under various circumstances. (1) Humans simply cannot do this, and (2) Sophisticated strategies can perform much better than humans as automated systems have so much more information instantly available.

8. Traders can remove human emotion, imbalance and irrational thinking from trading decision. Common issues of fear and greed are no longer an issue.

9. Individuals benefit from the knowledge, experience and countless man-hours of development, testing and optimization of professional strategists and forex traders. Experts are effectively working directly for automated system users, managing the user’s money right on the user’s own computer!

10. Automated trading systems and signal providers are readily available, whereas money to loose and experience are not. Manual trading has a steep learning curve and 95% of forex traders do not succeed.

What are you waiting for?! If your strategy isn’t automated, or if you don’t have one, there is little chance of succeeding in today’s markets.


About the Author

FX Copy are professional forex traders and signal providers. The team have years of experience with top-tier banks and hedge funds, now managing personal fortunes exceeding $2.5 million.