How it Works

It's simple!

This is how to make money when 95% of forex traders fail!

We worked hard to develop a successful forex trading strategy (an understatement!). Improvement of performance is continuous, since our interests of making money are very much aligned with our clients!

We offer our signals because it requires very little additional work. We connected our trading account using a leading 3rd party automatic trade copier, which allows us to share our signals with thousands of follower accounts around the world (our lovely clients!).

Account Connection

The trade copier works by connecting a bridge between your metatrader4 trading account and ours, so when we open, close or modify a trade, it's instantly and automatically reflected on your account too! The connection is maintained 24hrs a day and trades are constantly managed.

Complete Risk Management Control

Clients are in full control of risk management factors if wanting to play safer or more aggressive strategies. You can check out results on any device compatible with metatrader4 (PC, Mac, desktop, latop, tablet, iPhone, Anroid, Windows...).

Get Started!

Connecting your account is simple. Just sign up to get up and running in only a few minutes. If you're confused or have any questions, check out answers to FAQs or contact our Support team and we’ll walk you through it.

Do you want a self-made millionaire forex trader working for you?

We help people become profitable.

Features of Our Signals

Lightning Fast Execution

Trades are copied to client accounts at lightning speed (normally in 0.1 to 0.5 seconds).

Track Results

Real time access to open trades and all of metatrader4’s metrics and historic reports for closed trades.

Risk Management

Clients have full control over risk and money management settings. Pause trading and withdraw at will.

Equity Protection

Clients can set an optional maximum drawdown limit for protection.

Disconnection Alerts

If a disconnection occurs, alerts are sent by email (SMS alerts are also available).

Anti Slippage & Gap Handling

Your results will be the same as ours - we prevent most discrepancies caused by slippage, latency and price gaps.

Stealth Mode

Protecting against stop-hunting and predatory broker tactics with hidden safeguards and targets.

Trade Modifications

Clients are free to modify copied trades by closing and moving StopLoss & TakeProfit levels.

Complete Freedom

Clients are able to trade manually and run other copiers/EA’s on their trading account without it interfering with FX Copy’s signals.

Low Start Balance

You don’t have to be a millionaire already – start with as little as $100.

Any Broker

Trade with any broker which offers metatrader4.

Worldwide Clientbase

All you need is a half decent device and internet connection. US clients are welcomed.

Set and Forget

Easy setup in 5 minutes. No maintenance, updates, input or intervention required.

Client Control Panel

Start copying FX Copy's trades.

We help people become profitable.

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